Rehearsal Room

Rate: £20/hr

Amps included:

Marshal JVM410 4x12 foot switch included

Orange RockerVerb MKII 2x12 foot switch included

Vox AC30 2x12

Victory V40 

70’s Fender Bassman 100

Drums included:

Yamaha Tour Custom

Mapex Snare 14" x 5"

Meinl and Paiste cymbals included 

(We recommend you bring your own breakables to rehearsal sessions) 

Baby Grand piano included 


Pair active Behringer B1200D-Pro Bass Speakers 500W each, SPL122dB/M. 40-90 Hz.

Pair LD P122A Active Bass Reflex Speakers RMS 250W each. SPL 125dB/M. 60-18,000 Hz.

Behringer UB1832 FX-Pro mixing desk. 14 Channels with a built-in effects processor.

Mics included:



Others available 

Spare guitar strings and drumsticks are available at a price if breakages happen during rehearsal.

Breakages of house equipment like our snare heads or XLR's will be replaced if needed at no cost