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Josh White

Great facilities and a brilliant team to go with it, helpful and efficient, would recommend to anyone wanting to record great sounding music!

Rudi Whybrow

Such a great studio and such amazing producers would always be ready and they have humour but the studio is better than any I’ve played in and the drums probably the best kit I’ve played on ,the recordings came out amazing 100% would recommend

Brian Thomas

Great producers , brilliant recording we are very pleased with the quality. They were very helpful and friendly. They made us feel very comfortable and couldn't do enough for us. I would highly recommend them for any level of musician.

William Morrison

Amazing studio with high quality gear and top noch mixing!! I’ve been there multiple times with my band and every time has been so much fun and the staff are so kind and helpful and are true masters at what they do. They also provide amazing gear (my personal is their vox ac-30 or their orange stack which gets the nicest tones I’ve heard in my life!) overall it’s an incredible studio which I highly recommend and it also has the cheapest prices on the island! what’s not to love?

Beth Rose

Just finished my Vocalreel with the boys at the studio and I’m really happy with it! It’s perfectly mixed, professional and spot on for what I need. They are just amazing. You get a super chilled and relaxed environment, you don’t feel rushed or pushed for time by them. They want it to be perfect for you, which I personally think is what makes the studio so unique, and definitely worth going to if you want anything recorded, as they spend the time on both you and the product in making. Highly recommend, to both musicians and vocalists :) Thankyou Calliope Studios! 

George Griffith

I recorded some covers at Toby and Brandon’s studio a couple of months ago, the videos came out great. Brandon’s mixing was excellent and toby’s video editing was perfect. They’ve got some great kit down there for audio and video and I highly recommend.

Beth Brookfield

Recorded a live session with Toby and Brandon at Calliope and I am so happy with the result, it was a great day recording there and the studio is professional and has a great feel. Thanks guys !

Tobes Moffat

Needed to export some bass tracks. The guys responded quickly and were really helpful. Great service.

Jen Deb

Realy fun session , very professional and just overall a good expiriance. With a good final product what more could you need from a studio would recommend


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