Calliope Studios is a new recording facility on the isle of wight hosted by Toby Jones and Brandon Ford that offers high quality audio and video products. They both have different tastes in music and even more different skills and combined make an incredible team. They also teach to large number of students to all ages and ability.

The Team

Toby Jones

Founder / Producer / Mix Engineer / Drum Teacher

Brandon Ford

Founder / Producer / Mix Engineer

Company Values


One of our priorities is that our customers are happy with their product or service in hopes of returning or sharing good word


As the gear is always up and running, minimal time is spent on dialling tones/mic postions so more time can be spent on exploration and fun


The Isle of Wight is a small place so we pursue to support our community so we can all grow together 


Above all our values is safety amongst clients, students and guests. Then the fun stuff can happen!


We promise to provide a professional service as well as an enjoyable experience


We truly want our clients and students to succeed, so expect us to be working our hardest to support you after you've finished with our services